Welcome to Crammer Chum!

Hi friends from around the globe,

Welcome to Crammer Chum!

In this blog, you will find revision notes, made by students, for you guys, fellow students. Just take a look at the list of subjects on your left-hand side :) Feel free to make use of the revision notes and perhaps, you can also send one of your own! :) Simply email us to crammerchum@yahoo.com

Moreover, you can also email us regarding your problems at school, things you feel like talking about, or just anything you want to say whenever you feel sad :) We believe that you need to be happy in order to study stuffs at school :)

So that was it for now, happy revising and good luck for your studies :)

The Crammer Chum Company ;)

Let the journey begin - 1.2 Formulae Chemistry IB HL

This post definitely shows that nothing in this blog comes in order :p yeaah I happen to post this because I have my Chemistry paper on Monday next week, which is totally uncool :( But anyway, let's get the party started by hitting this very early part of our Chemistry journey! Here you, go, point 1.2 of your syllabus :)

And if you're wondering if this is the first post on Chemistry or not, stahp wondering :p it's not! simply click on the chemistry section on the left and you'll find other coverage of Chemistry SL and HL here :)

Have fun peeps :)

FreeMind Tutorial

Hi everyone!

So after 3+ months of dormancy, we're finally back! Like what we've promised you before, we'd like to post a tutorial! Worry not, this is not gonna be long for we have cramped everything into a page of basic tutorial :)

Click on the pict above to have a clearer look :)


Q: I want to edit the text I'm putting in, how do you do so?
A: oh, simply press F2 and the editing box will pop up for you

Q: Can I colour the text?
A: Yes, sure! You can do so once the editing box opens up

Anymore questions? Simply comment here :)


Captain Morgan's Design Competition

Hi all!

Do you know any aspiring artists above 21 years old who might get interested in competitions? If you do know, pass them this information and cross your fingers for them :)

This competition is open for those above 21 years old and reside in one of countries below:
Mainland China
South Korea
The 50 States of USA and District of Columbia

Simply come up with a stunning, eye-catching design and to sign-up, scoot to Eyeka Competition

This info is shared from id.eyeka.com :)

Another video competition by Fa!

Hi guys!

Any aspiring video makers out there?

Fa is holding an event with a prize of 15000 Euros for the first winner!
Capture your moments of fantastic, elated feelings in a 30-60-second video and who knows if you'll be 15000 Euros richer!

click here for more information and to enter the competition!


Talking About Mind Maps...

Hi lovely people!

Been a really long time since the last time I was here, right? Well, I've been a little busy in class doing IA (you IB peeps must be familiar with this IA thing right) and  university application. Nope, it's not hectic, it's fun! *sarcasm detected*

So some of my friends have been wondering how to make mind maps, the kind of thing that I have been posting all this time. Today, I will be more than happy to share it to you guys :)

The software I've been using is called Free Mind. It's available for download here. Don't be scared to use it because it's surprisingly user-friendly! Lately I've just discovered that I can actually draw the entire mind map without mouse! So for you guys who are overly attached to your keyboard, this is the software you have been waiting for.

Later, I will post a mini-tutorial on how to using Free Mind. Who knows I will receive great notes from you all soon :)

Until then, have fun exploring Free Mind and keep hitting your books guys :)

Celebrating 500 visitors!

Hi pals,
So I was shocked when I saw that this blog has been viewed 500 times! Woohoo!!! I didn't think it can go that far in such.. well.. pretty long time, but anyway! I'm happy about the number so never mind about the fact that it took months to reach 500 hits!

So what does it tell? Hopefully you guys keep visiting this page and getting some stuffs to learn about and perhaps, send us some great revision notes to crammerchum@yahoo.com ! We are more than happy to receive and post your revision notes! Send your photos and 4-5 lines about yourself and we'll proudly announce you as our contributors :)

So (again), thanks for viewing this page for 500 (yes all of you) times! Keep coming back and sending revision notes :)